Canadian First Aid & Safety Training (CFAST)
We provide certified Canadian Red Cross first aid training and certification for CPR and Basic Life Support, Emergency and Standard First Aid, Basic and Advanced Marine First Aid and First Responder courses. We provide non certified programs ie Babysitting, Child Safe and Child Care Emergency and Standard first aid. We are the Instructor Development Centre for Canadian Red Cross for the west coast of NL providing all Youth, Core and Advanced First Aid Instructor courses and Recertification courses. Emergency Management consulting and online OH&S course are available. We meet all WorkplaceNL legislation and standards and as a training partner of the Canadian Red Cross meet all national standards and practices. Our courses are safe and meet all Medical Authority requirements and restrictions. We make learning fun and studies have shown if you are more engaged and actively participate you will retain more and be more comfortable and confident with your skills. Ultimately that is what you want when called upon to assist. To be comfortable and confident with your first aid skills.
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Janette Lafrance Foote
(709) 688-2152