The Companies We Serve

Here at Navigate, we believe in supporting entrepreneurs. They are the beating heart at the centre of our ecosystem. We support them, and they support us. All of us. It’s symbiotic. They create jobs, drive innovation, support local charities, and buy local themselves, because they know just how important that is. From the little coffee shop on the corner to the new tech startup that is gaining traction beyond our borders, entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and our communities.

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Why shop local?

  • Keep your $ in the community
  • Local businesses support other local businesses
  • Local businesses donate more to local charities
  • Local businesses define the quality of life of a community
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Local businesses are the largest local employers
  • Personalized customer service and high customer satisfaction
  • Local businesses offer the products and services you want
  • Local business owners invest in community
  • Small businesses drive competition, diversity and innovation

“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy local, and that's kind of the same.”

All Hands On Deck

It takes a crew to navigate through a successful expedition. Recent studies have shown that startups and entrepreneurs thrive when they’re part of a supportive ecosystem that includes:

  • Entrepreneur to entrepreneur interaction
  • Investment in entrepreneurial skill building activities
  • Support from entrepreneurship organizations, government, funders and academia
  • Direct access to business incubators, entrepreneur networking events, R & D, training, and opportunities for growth
  • Events and activities that bring mature firms and venture capital firms into contact with startups
  • Mature firms playing an active role in mentoring and assisting up-and-coming startups

At Navigate, we’ve seen first hand how vital this ecosystem is. As the entrepreneurship hub for Western NL, we are working together with entrepreneurs and partners to build a robust and healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem for now and for the future.

Collide. Connect. Create. With Navigate.

2021 Navigate Ecosystem Map

Devon Pardy

EasyGrows Indoor Garden Centre
Local Hydroponics, Indoor Cultivation, and Gardening Supplies store. Easy Grows provides everything you need to grow anything in your home


Nigel Jenkins

Laughing Heart Music
Laughing Heart Music is a full-service music business offering artist management, music publishing, and record label services providing both physical and digital music distribution, along with publishing administration and collections services.


Jennifer O'Keefe

The Social Catalyst
The Social Catalyst is a social media workshop and training company, which also focuses on social media management services for small-medium sized businesses.


Our Team

Allison Rowe

Navigate Manager

Currently Vacant

Makerspace Manager

Currently Vacant

Incubator Manager

Ken Carter, Grenfell (Chair)

Chad Simms, CNA (Co-Chair) (LinkedIn not available)

Billy Newell, Grenfell

Todd Hennesey, Grenfell

Lynn Kendall, Grenfell

Denise Gibbons, CNA

Adam Anderson, Resource Innovations

Gertrude Bradbury, Locke’s Electrical (LinkedIn not available)

Mark Tierney, ACOA

Sheila Coleman, IET (LinkedIn not available)

Our Partners and Funders

Navigate is a partnership between Grenfell Campus and CNA Corner Brook Campus and is funded by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Federal Government of Canada. We thank you for your continued support of entrepreneurs in our province!

Our Mentors

Carla May, NLOWE

Darren Martin, Yield Communications

Gord Andrews, Premier Windows and Siding

Jeremy Osmond, J.Osmond Design

Carl Peddle, Carl Peddle Consulting

Peter Barbour, Cyno

Carole Spicer, Spicer Facilitation and Learning

Jacqueline Walsh, Technology Law Clinic at Dalhousie University – Schulich School of Law

Allan Kendall, Appalachian Chalets & RV