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Entrepreneur Spotlight – Julian Ryan, Island Livin’ Clothing Co.

In case you missed it – Recap and video link to our April Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break: The Side Hustle

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Navigate Spotlight
A trip to the mall for back-to-university clothing made 19-year-old Julian Ryan of La Scie realize he could probably do a better, more cost-effective job himself. Some research, equipment purchases and a couple years later, he has completed the Navigate Internship Program and his apparel business, Island Livin’ in Corner Brook is doing well. Here’s what he had to say about his new venture:

Navigate: What is the idea behind your brand and products?
Julian Ryan: I chose the name Island Livin’ to promote the lifestyle we have in Newfoundland. My products feature symbols that represent the lifestyle and culture of the province – Icebergs, anchors, ocean waves, hunting and fishing – the things that resonate with Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, as well as with tourists who come here to see our province.

Navigate: Tell us about the products you sell.
Julian Ryan: I order the apparel from a national distribution enterprise and brand them in my home workshop. I retail men’s and women’s hoodies, jackets, crew-neck sweaters, T-shirts, and summer wear such as tank tops and baseball caps. I can also meet the needs of people who might want a custom-designed piece of apparel.

Navigate: You have described your business as being “on the side” what else are you working on?
Julian Ryan: I’ve been managing my family’s recycling depots in various locations in the province over the last few summers and am now pursuing a Business Degree at Grenfell Campus. I’ve relocated from La Scie and now own my own home in Corner Brook.

Navigate: How has the Navigate Internship Program helped you?
Julian Ryan: Getting the word out about my business has been a challenge; Navigate is helping me with website design and other entrepreneurial processes. I already have Facebook and Instagram pages; I’m looking forward to establishing the website.

Navigate: How can people order merchandise from you?
Julian Ryan: Anyone who would like to purchase my products can either email me, call me, message me on social media – however they would like! I use a combination of drop-off, pick-up and mail service as modes of delivery.

To order apparel or to learn more about Island Livin’ Clothing Company:

(709) 293-0504


April’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break Recap!

Wow! 40 participants attended the session this month! This month’s topic was the Side Hustle and we are grateful to Wendy Norton, Robert Sutton, and Roseann Brake for taking time to join us and talk about their side hustle experiences. And to Scott Andrews, from Futurpreneur, for introducing us to their Side Hustle Program.

Some take-away tips:

• Strive for work/life balance and know when to pull back when necessary
• Research, research, research
• Things will take twice as long and cost triple the amount you think
• If resources are tight, get creative
• There is never a perfect time so it is a balance between knowing what you want to do, and taking the risk to just go for it

About our speakers:

Wendy Norton, Staples and 2 Essential Sisters, Corner Brook
Wendy is the General Manager of Staples in Corner Brook and one of the owners of 2 Essential Sisters. Wendy shared information on the Staples Preferred program that is available to small businesses. You can contact Wendy and she will refer you to the program.
2 Essential Sisters
Staples Preferred Program

Roseann Brake, Holiday Inn Express and Rocky Brook Acres, Deer Lake and Cormack
Roseann is the General Manager of the Holiday Inn Express in Deer Lake and owner of Rocky Brook Acres. Roseann is currently rebranding Rocky Brook Cabins to Rocky Brook Acres. She is very interested in collaborating with other entrepreneurs in the region. Check out her new Spring Retreat in June!

Robert Sutton, Crooked Feeder Brewing and RJS Forestry Consulting, Cormack
Rob is one of the owners of Crooked Feeder Brewing that started as a side hustle with two other partners. When things got to a certain point he was able to leave his full time job and turn his passion in to his full-time gig and his career into his new side hustle!

Scott Andrews, Futurpreneur, St. John’s
Scott is the NL Representative of Futurpreneur. They provide funding programs for young entrepreneurs ages 18-39. They do offer a program specifically for starting a side hustle! Resources are available to young and young-at-heart (all of us!). You can reach Scott for more information:

Check out some of the folks from our local business ecosystem to learn more about their businesses and programs:

Lauralee Ledrew, The NL Settlement/Upper Humber Settlement, Cormack
Sharon Evans, SEVA Meditation, Pasadena
Janis Evans, The Roost at York Harbour, York Harbour
Jeffrey Keeping, NLWIC
Lindsay Newman, Skills Canada, St. John’s
Linda Spingle, IENL and Atlantic Canada Study and Stay Program, Corner Brook
Abby Anderson, Abby’s Art Adventures, Corner Brook
Brad Ledrew, Countryside Abattoir, Cormack
Roxanne Notley, Nunacor, South Coast Labrador
Carla May, NLOWE
Andrew Hibbitts, RDÉE TNL, Mainland/Port au Port
Priya Winsor, Compass Chocolates, Alberta
Julian Ryan, Island Livin Clothing, Corner Brook


Carole Spicer, Owner, Spicer Facilitation & Learning
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Side Hustle School

If you’re trying to make a big change, a hustle can help you build a foundation to move on to something else. If you love your day job, that’s great too — the hustle will provide a creative outlet and a backup plan.

There are also some great side hustle programs, books and podcasts to help on your journey! Visit Side Hustle School’s website for details.


FUTURPRENEUR Side Hustle Program

They offer:

• Apply for up to $15,000 in loan financing to launch or to help grow your business as much or as little as you like.

• Get matched with an experienced mentor to help you build confidence and tackle your toughest challenges for up to two years.

• Learn key skills like business planning, marketing and cash flow management through our online and in-person business resources.

Visit their website to learn more.


Navigate Small Business
Navigate Small Business

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