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June 2021 Newsletter – Navigate

June 2021 Newsletter


Upcoming opportunities, events and workshops

In case you missed it – Recap and video link to our June Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break: $how me the Money!

Entrepreneur Spotlight – The Roost in York Harbour

Business Support Spotlight – CBDC

How to connect with us!



Navigate presents: July Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break – West Coast Best Coast Tourism and Hospitality Virtual Business Tour!

Come join us for a virtual west coast tour as we hop, skip and jump up the harbour and down the shore with local tourism and hospitality providers.

From beaches to mountains to fjords and all the cozy shops, local restaurants and vacation getaway spots in between, we’ve got you covered!

Our July Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break is a time when you can join us from your business and take us on a mini-tour. Take us on a walk about your business via live video and let us know what you have in store this summer for tourists and locals alike. In a very informal session, we are going to pass the virtual camera from business to business to showcase our tourism operators in the area.

July 8th, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Please register in advance here!

This is a free online event.

In partnership with Spicer Facilitation and Learning



Navigate presents: August Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break – Bounce Back to Business!

Come join us to discuss what the next normal will look like as we emerge from Covid and bounce back better than ever with new tools, new ideas, and new ways of solving problems for more resilient, stronger businesses.

August 31st, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Please register in advance here!

This is a free online event.

In partnership with Spicer Facilitation and Learning






June’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break – Show Me The Money!

Watch the recording here!

June’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coffee Break, offered in partnership with Spicer Facilitation & Learning, saw our highest attendance levels yet with participation from across the province! This month’s topic was Show me the Money where support organizations and funding agencies joined us to share information on their funding programs and supports for small businesses. Thank you again to our presenters who shared their tips for success (shown below) and encouraged anyone looking for funding to contact them to discuss what opportunities their business could avail of. We also watched a video from BDC about the various types of funding available to entrepreneurs.

A huge thank you to our presenters:

Sheila Coleman, Regional Planning Specialist, Industry, Energy & Technology, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Sheila is available to speak to entrepreneurs about funding opportunities available from her department. She can be reached at scoleman@gov.nl.ca or 709-637-2634.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.gov.nl.ca/iet/funding/

Steve Kavanagh, Senior Innovation Advisor, Innovation Canada, Government of Canada
Steve is available to speak to entrepreneurs about navigating federal funding opportunities. Contact Steve at steve.kavanagh@canada.ca or 709-689-3095 for details.

For more information on programs and services including a tool that allows entrepreneurs to “tell their story” and then be presented with applicable funding programs visit: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/080.nsf/eng/home

Mark Tierney, Economic Development Officer, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)
Mark is available to speak to entrepreneurs about funding opportunities available from ACOA. He can be reached at mark.tierney@acoa-apeca.gc.ca or 709-632-2749.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/atlantic-canada-opportunities.html

Peter Howell, Innovation Advisor | Concierge Service, Industrial Research Assistance program (IRAP), National Research Council of Canada (NRC)
Peter is available to speak to entrepreneurs about funding opportunities available through the National Research Council of Canada. He can be reached at Peter.Howell@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca or 709-722-7858.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://nrc.canada.ca/en/support-technology-innovation

Renée Wheeler, Senior Account Manager, BDC
Renee is available to speak to entrepreneurs about funding opportunities available from BDC. BDC also has a number of videos and resources including business plan templates available on their website for entrepreneurs. Contact Renée at Renee.Wheeler@bdc.ca or 709-637-4362.
For more information on programs and services visit: bdc.ca

Tobi Biggin, Executive Director, CBDC Humber
CBDC offers business financing, support and advice for small businesses including General Business Loans, Social Enterprise Loans, Youth Loans, the Self-Employment Benefits (SEB) Program, Consultant Advisory Services (CAS) Program and more. Contact Tobi at 709-639-3061 or tobi.biggin@cbdc.ca to find out what programs are right for you.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.cbdc.ca/en

Libby Carew, Director, Business Development (NL) MITACS
Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that designs and delivers research and training programs. Working with 70 universities, 6,000 companies, and both federal and provincial governments, they help build partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada. Mitacs also has a number of new programs in support of entrepreneurs. For details, contact Libby at lcarew@mitacs.ca or 709-725-2150.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.mitacs.ca/en

Carla May, Business Advisor (Start-up) – Western NL, NLOWE
Carla works with entrepreneurs at all stages of business. As a start-up advisor she administers the Self-Employment Benefits (SEB) Program with the Government of NL for women start-ups. Growth advisors are available for established businesses. Carla can be reached at cmay@nlowe.org or 709-632-5122.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.nlowe.org/

Scott Andrews, Business Development Manager (NL), Futurpreneur
Futurpreneur Canada supports young entrepreneurs (between 18-39 years old) with financing, mentorship and free business resources. In partnership with the BDC, they can provide financing up to $60,000 towards the start-up (or purchase) of a business for eligible applicants. Other Futurpreneur programs include the Side Hustle Program for part-time businesses, a Social Enterprise/Non-profit Program, the Newcomer Program for newcomers to Canada, an Indigenous Entrepreneur Program for indigenous youth entrepreneurs, and most recently the Black Entrepreneur Startup Program in support of young Black entrepreneurs. For more information, contact Scott at 709-769-1205 or sandrews@futurpreneur.ca.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.futurpreneur.ca/en/

Arlene Blanchard-White, Business Development Officer, Ulnooweg
With representatives in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, Ulnooweg has been providing loans and business services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada since 1986. Applications are submitted through Ulnooweg’s Truro, NS office. NL Entrepreneurs can connect with Arlene for program administration and to learn more about funding opportunities available to indigenous entrepreneurs. Contact Arlene at awhite@ulnooweg.ca or 709-643-5005.
For more information on programs and services visit: https://www.ulnooweg.ca/


Additional Resources
Funding programs from Gov’t of Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/business.html

Also, don’t forget to Like and Follow the entrepreneurs who joined us at the session:

Sharon Evans, SEVA Meditation ☀️ www.sevameditation.com
Janis Evans, The Roost in York Harbour www.theroostatyorkharbour.com or janisevans@bellaliant.net
Edwina Bateman, AVAIL HR edwina.bateman@gmail.com
Carmelita Morgan, Carma Yoga with Carmelita Morgan carmmorgan@hotmail.com
Cathy Halbot, Western Driving School
Connie Boland, Connie Boland Communications
Dafna Ziv, Cash is King NL
Janice Ryan, Rudy’s Courier Service




This month, Navigate caught up with Roy Evans, Janis Evans and Blake Mills, the three owners of “The Roost” located in York Harbour on Newfoundland’s west coast.

Nestled in the beautiful Bay of Islands overlooking the ocean, The Roost at York Harbour is a must for visitors looking for new places to discover. Part shop, part gallery, The Roost champions local art and boasts more than 30 local artisan consignors, offering one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted art and gifts. Created as a way to display and support local artists, The Roost helps artists to develop traditional hand-crafted work and products with local flare for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.

What’s more, the three owners of The Roost are successful artists in their own right. Janis, a retired dietitian, is a local artist who creates beautiful jewelry from sea glass and lamp work beads as well as paintings with watercolour, acrylic and oils. Blake has considerable experience in the hospitality industry and has demonstrated his artistic ability in creating product for the shop from items found on the beach such as sea glass and driftwood, and has now added rug hooking to his creative repertoire. After 40 years as an Ontario educator, Roy, now retired, returned home to pursue his creative passion for fibre arts including spinning, weaving and needlework, and has become a proficient Rug Hooker.

Navigate asked the three owner to share their story of becoming artist entrepreneurs and local champions for other artists striving to make a living from their craft.

Why did you decide to start a business?

“We decided to establish our own business to be able to promote our craft and the craft of others in a way that would provide us with the income needed to continue making products. We also hoped to enrich the life of our community and perhaps create some employment for local people.”

Tell us about your business.

“The Roost is a gift shop/gallery where art and crafts produced by the owners, local artisans and selected artists from across Newfoundland are showcased and sold. With the global reduction in travel due to Covid-19, we saw an opportunity to continue to market Newfoundland crafts through the development of an online store which is now accessible from our website. The Roost hopes to help those with an interest in our province to discover, commemorate, and ‘bring Newfoundland home’ with carefully curated Newfoundland crafts.”

Tell us about the challenges you faced when starting a business and about your biggest successes.

“One of our biggest challenges has been growing our business after the success of the first few seasons. Financing our dreams for the expansion of the business to include demonstration studios and a café has been difficult. It has taken time for us to know where to go for assistance and what to ask for as we proceed. Negative responses have been frustrating and disheartening. Successes up until 2020 were measured by increases in yearly sales. Success for 2020 was measured by our ability to weather the storm and still be here. What keeps us going is the realization that we are becoming well known. It is especially heartwarming when a local is stopped by a visitor to the area and is asked “How much further to The Roost?”

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to someone starting a business?

“Be patient and persevere!”

To learn more about the products, services and activities happening at The Roost in York Harbour visit:

Website – www.theroostatyorkharbour.com

Instagram – @theroostatyorkharbour

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Yorkharbourtheroost/

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/in/theroostatyorkharbour



Photo: From left to right: Tobi Biggin, Executive Director; Marion Gushue, Administrative Assistant; Phyllis Keats, Senior Development Officer.

This month’s Navigate Business Support Organization Spotlight focuses on a sponsor and supporter of entrepreneurism in the western region. CBDC Humber has been working with small businesses in the region since 1984. Navigate asked Tobi Biggin, Executive Director, to tell us about her organization.

Tell us about CBDC Humber.

“We provide financing, business development, counselling and training. We typically lend up to $150,000; however, under exceptional circumstances we can lend up to $225,000. We work in partnership with our funders and government agencies to support start-up and existing businesses. In addition to loan programs we administer additional support programs such as the Consultant Advisory Program, the Business Valuation Program, the Self-Employment Assistance Program, and the Kick$tart and Drive Programs, which provide loans up to $10,000 for youth entrepreneurs.”

Who works at CBDC Humber?

“In addition to my role, we have Phyllis Keats, Senior Development Officer, who is our Self-Employment Assistance Co-ordinator and Development Officer. Our third employee is Marion Gushue; she is our Administrative Assistant.”

Whom do you support?

“We support new start-ups, existing, and expanding businesses. We provide funding to a variety of sectors including agriculture, retail, services, fisheries, outfitters, accommodations, etc. Most sectors are eligible.”

What types of support/funding are available?

“Further my answer in question 1, the Consultant Advisory Program (CAS) is a non-repayable program that may providing funding up to $5,000 (maximum of 75% contribution) to help with the cost of hiring a consultant to prepare a business plan, strategic plan, business analysis. The Business Valuation Program can provide funding to business owners who may be analyzing their business diagnostics, or to help determine a value when considering selling.”

What do entrepreneurs need to do in order to apply?

“We require an application including a business plan. As a part of that plan, we require cash flows and financial projections. Our office can be contacted to initiate an initial discussion. A personal investment is also required; it can be a combination of cash and assets.”

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs starting out?

“Do your homework and research: not for us, but for you. We require it but you benefit the most from it. While ideas sound great, sometimes the research may support adjustments to your initial idea. Investment (whether your own, investors, or partnerships, etc.) helps reduce the liabilities of the business which may increase the chances of success.”


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Navigate Small Business