Western Driving School

At Western Driving School it is our goal to prepare students to become safe and confident drivers. On today’s aggressive roadways, drivers need training and experience to help them develop fundamental skills that will become good driving habits. We offer training for drivers of all ages. Courses are available upon request and depending on availability. We also have a vehicle available for your road test if required. Contact us at 709-639-7925 to register or send us an email at If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Driver Education Program
Why Take A Safe Driving Course?
Point Reduction Course - 1 Day
Defensive Driving Course - 1 Day
Defensive Driving / Taxi Driver Course - 1 Day in Class & 2 Hrs. In Vehicle Assessment
Responsible Drivers Course - 1 Day
"THINK FIRST" (SHIP) Alcohol & Drug Education Program - 4 Hours
ADT - Addictions Course
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