A business plan is a tool to assist existing and/or potential entrepreneurs/business owners to expand or develop a business.  It covers who you are, what you want to do in business, when you will do this work, where you will operate or start your business and how.


Market Information/Research is the way that businesses, governments and community based organizations gather and process information that determine what item(s), service(s) or event(s) that they will produce and provide to their customers, citizens or residents.


Connecting potential entrepreneurs with various resources, programs and agencies that exist to meet their needs, well in advance of when they would normally be visible to or aware of the supportive agencies and programs existing within government or in the community.


It is our goal to Champion a culture in which entrepreneurship is celebrated and future generations recognize and seize innovative opportunities to create economic impact for the Greater Corner Brook area and Western Newfoundland.

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In response to Covid-19, Navigate will be closing the Entrepreneurship Centre, MakerSpace, and Business

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Adam Anderson of Resource Innovations
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The fourth video of our Entrepreneurs of Western Newfoundland campaign features Adam Anderson of

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In my second year of business I approached Navigate for guidance – their expert advice helped me to further develop my service offerings and expand my client base. They continue to be an excellent resource and advocate to this day.

My Property Guys franchise is the second business I’ve started with the help of Navigate. If you have a business idea and are willing to put in the work Navigate can provide the tools you need to succeed.

Nine months ago I came to Navigate with an idea for a sushi restaurant. They helped me conduct the research necessary to create my own business plan and turn my dream into reality.

The Navigate program is a fantastic business consulting service. They’ve helped me capitalize on many opportunities since I’ve started my business and continue to do so to this day.

Over the past five years Navigate has helped me find the best resources and introduced me to the contacts and clients needed to grow my business.

Every entrepreneur has a story. Start writing yours.


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