Property Guys (Corner Brook)


Entrepreneur: Gerry Glode
Business: Property Guys & Pressure Pros
Opened: 2006

“My Property Guys franchise is the second business I’ve started with the help of Navigate.  If you have a business idea and are willing to put in the work Navigate can provide the tools you need to succeed.”

Gerry Glode who initially bought a gas powered pressure washer from Canadian Tire with the intentions doing odd jobs for a bit of pocket money, is now the proud owner of a of truck mounted mobile industrial pressure washing unit. When he needed support to bring his idea to light, he relied on Navigate.

He recommends Navigate to any student, faculty, staff or alumni that have an entrepreneurial spirit and a good business idea. “It’s good because it’s right on campus. It is conveniently situated. There is almost no excuse not to go see them if you have an idea.”