Newfoundland Island Realty


Entrepreneur: Richard Butt
Business: Newfoundland Island Realty
Opened: May 2006

“The Navigate program is a fantastic business consulting service. They’ve helped me capitalize on many opportunities since I’ve started my business and continue to do so to this day.”

When Richard Butt was looking for guidance and support to bring a business to life, he sought the help of Navigate.  In 2005, Richard began investing in real estate and managing properties for clients who owned real estate in Western Newfoundland. He consulted with Navigate and developed a strong business plan that would later prove to be a crucial asset to his business.

Today, Newfoundland Island Realty has grown into a full service real estate brokerage helping clients buy, sell or rent.  Navigate has played a key role in the current successes of this business and have offered many creative and brilliant ideas to overcome hurdles both during start up and into the first 5 years of operation.  Navigate is well connected to the local business community and business funding agencies.

Newfoundland Island Realty is a company that provides prompt, honest, professional and friendly service to all clients and other REALTORS® while striving to exceed expectations!