Navigate Alumni Profiles

  • Corner Stone HR

    Entrepreneur: Carla May Business: Corner Stone HR Inc. Opened: 2011 Website: "In my second year of business I approached Navigate for guidance [...]
  • Resource Innovations

    Entrepreneur: Adam Anderson Business: Resource Innovations Inc. Opened: 2007 Website: "Over the past five years Navigate has helped me find the best resources and...
  • Newfoundland Island Realty

    Entrepreneur: Richard Butt Business: Newfoundland Island Realty Opened: May 2006 Website: “The Navigate program is a fantastic business consulting service. They’ve helped me capitalize…
  • Property Guys (Corner Brook)

    Entrepreneur: Gerry Glode Business: Property Guys & Pressure Pros Opened: 2006 Website: "My Property Guys franchise is the second business I’ve started with the help of Navigate...
  • Newfound Sushi

    Entrepreneur: Kevin Vincent Business: Newfound Sushi Inc. Opened: March 14, 2012 Website: "Nine months ago I came to Navigate with an idea for a sushi restaurant. They helped me conduct...